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It’s been two years now since Beau Plan has given itself a colossal mission: designing the city of tomorrow. A great place to live and work while at the same time ensuring that this development benefits its people, workers and the region itself. This ambition has not only been a dream. Numerous projects have sprung from earth, shaping up the Smart City. From residential neighbourhoods like the Mango Village to offices through the Business District and The Strand, Beau Plan has also imagined a place where knowledge is shared. Enter the Greencoast Elementary School and the African Leadership College.

Beau Plan strives to initiate all these developments with an underlying green strategy. Walking and bicycle paths, recycling… Many more projects are to be launched so as to transform the way the residents are going to live this Smart City. They are being convened to an exceptional quality of life with the city’s Lifestyle Village, shops, bars, cafés, equestrian centre and green spaces.

Live, work, play, learn and… create. Riding along all these projects is creativity. Beau Plan’s Smart City celebrates imagination in all its forms. In its Creative Park, the artists and artisans of today and tomorrow unleash their potential. A real inspiration meant to totally change the drive of this region!

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Novaterra is the development arm of Terra. Its objective: strive for the development of Beau Plan while at the same time enriching its people. A special focus is given to the natural environment of all projects initiated using sustainable planning methods.

Novaterra is fully committed to meeting the current and future needs of the residents of Beau Plan in terms of education, culture and economic and social opportunities.

The core values of its team are respect, harmony, creativity and innovation. Those experts have both a passion for their profession, for the region and their country.

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Sarah Ah-Hong - Mahogany Shopping Promenade

Sarah Ah-Hong

Centre Manager

Ratnesh I. Rajcoomar - Mahogany Shopping Promenade

Ratnesh I. Rajcoomar

Operations Manager

Ahsan Mamode

Ahsan Mamode

Accounts Clerk