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Mahogany ShoppingPromenade - Le Lac


A unique setting by the lake right in the centre of the Smart City of Beau Plan

At Mahogany, you will not be visiting just another Shopping Mall. Mahogany is an invitation to connect with nature, with its open sky galleries, its scenic lakeview and its whole lifestyle centered around the 100-year old Mahogany tree. It is an invitation to tickle your senses with its signature perfume. An inspiration. To unleash your own creativity. Step into another world!


Mahogany displays 450 parking lots

This Shopping Promenade is situated right at the heart of the Smart City of Beau Plan. Other than its parking space, its shops, restaurants are all directly accessible even though its living areas are centered around the lake.

Mahogany Shopping Promenade - parking
Mahogany Shopping Promenade - entrance


Intermart, a key operator

Mahogany is an invitation to connect with nature… in a Shopping Mall. It has open sky galleries, three open terraces and even a rooftop bar. A special focus has been made on the place as a living area, with its scenic lake view and its 100-year old Mahogany tree. Numerous local and international brands have joined in the experience whereas the restaurants and the food-court offer fine specialties from around the world. To top it all, Intermart is also part of the adventure and will offer a variety of widely-consumed products.

Social Diversity

Shops to suit everyone; two exclusive international brands to settle in
52 brands have hopped in the adventure. But do not expect a star-spangled world of glitz and glamour. Mahogany boasts itself on having been able to satisfy everyone from all social levels. It is meant to be a welcoming place, with a Mauritian food-court called «Ki pou Manze». Intermart is also a most welcome supermarket as its targeted clients come from every stratum of society.

Shopping at Mahogany Shopping Promenade

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